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Our Primary Value

Most ideas are born out of an intent to serve a purpose. The purpose could be anything, to simplify, enhance or find newer ways to an existing challenge. As entrepreneurs, our sole objective is to find ways that simplify people's lives through technology.

Myhawkr is a meeting point of our collective ideologies that benefits society on different levels. Our aim is to position Myhakr as a purely convenient app. There are so many options, right from buying vegetables from a vendor at his/ her shop or ordering online, each has its own benefits. Myhawkr is more an addition to the list than a competition.

In simpler words, call a local pushcart vendor to your doorstep via our app. This not only adds convenience to a customer but also opens a whole new marketplace for a pushcart vendor. After all, creating new possibilities is the oldest practice in human history. We attempt to carry forward the same and find a platform that simply adds value to both the consumer and the vendor.

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